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Seeking protection and income potential?

It’s no small secret that Allianz Life Pro+ EliteSM Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance Policy can offer BIG opportunities in 2019 – including providing clients the opportunity to supplement retirement income.

Visit to learn about life’s BIG story. The opportunity could be too BIG to miss.

Increasing income potential kit now available

Have you ordered your copy of our client-approved Increasing income potential kit?

Use our exclusive client-approved Increasing income potential kit (M-5312) for your next client meeting or seminar. Show your clients how a fixed index annuity (FIA) can help increase their retirement income.

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Is the rising cost of living raising concerns for your clients?

Inflation and rising health care costs can be top concerns for retirees, but we have some tools that may help.

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Fast-track your life insurance business with Accelerated Underwriting.

EXPANDED eligibility criteria

Our program is designed to give your clients a better underwriting experience, get your business issued more quickly, and pay your commissions faster.

Our recent enhancements now allow for death benefit amounts of $1.5 million or less.

Familiarize yourself with our program:

Get your life insurance business on the fast track with Accelerated Underwriting.

An illustration lacking volatility could create unrealistic expectations.

During a sustained bull market, it’s easy to forget that a downturn is eventually inevitable. When running illustrations for your clients, don’t forget that market volatility is an opportunity to highlight one of the fundamental benefits of an FIA: protection in down markets.

If your illustration isn’t showing volatility, it may turn a positive conversation with your client about the power of guarantees against market downturns into a negative conversation about the lack of an interest credit.

View our new sales idea, Illustration insights – Reveal the true value of a fixed index annuity with protection in down markets.

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Keep the ball rolling with our 2019 Social Security and Medicare Guide.

A great reference for 2019 tax preparation

Keep rolling in the New Year with our 2019 Social Security and Medicare Guide. Get inflation-adjusted Social Security numbers for 2019, including those for Medicare Part B and Part D. It’s a great companion piece to last month’s 2019 Tax Summary.

Contact the FASTeam at 800.950.7372 for a laminated reference copy or to receive any of our other valuable Social Security and Medicare reference tools and materials.

Health savings accounts may be an overlooked tax opportunity.

As each year draws to a close, it is important to consider tax savings strategies for taxes due the following year. Having access to a high-deductible health care plan and a health savings account (HSA) may save your clients money on their current year tax bill.

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