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June 15, 2023

Important Updates for Ashley:

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  • Our office will be closed Monday, June 19
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Product news


New language translation: Allianz Benefit Control® Annuity consumer brochures in Traditional Chinese

Thanks to your feedback on translated materials made available during our recent Allianz Benefit Control® Annuity Premium+ Event, we continue to make additional fixed index annuity (FIA) materials available in translated languages.

Now available on our website for download and in print, the following Allianz Benefit Control® Annuity brochures have been translated into Traditional Chinese:

Log in and download them now or call your Allianz representative for assistance.

C64237-MVA, R95581-MVA


Using Index Lock and Auto Lock is now easier than ever.

Our innovative Index Lock and Auto Lock features – which give clients a level of control over their index crediting in volatile markets – are even better with the new auto renewal option.1

Previously, clients had to set their upper target value each year. Now, by selecting the “auto renew” button, their set target will automatically renew at its set level, even if a lock is activated manually or automatically.

For more information, contact your Allianz representative or visit our Index Lock page.

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Training and insights


Current underwriting programs – what you need to know

Save your spot for our next
In The K.N.O.W. event

Find out what Allianz is doing to improve and clarify our underwriting process for better service to you and your clients.

During this webinar, David Duragano, Underwriting Senior Director and underwriting managers Camille Taylor and Doreen White will walk you through all of our recent underwriting initiatives, including:

  • Improved Accelerated Program
  • Risk Class Upgrade Program
  • Financial Guidelines
  • Professional Athletes
  • Table B to Standard Blend
  • Premium Finance

Underwriting Initiatives
Wednesday, June 21, 2023
1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Central time

Register now


SECURE Act 2.0 may have an impact on the financial planning decisions of many Americans.

See our summary of the changes that provides descriptions and effective dates for key provisions contained in the SECURE Act 2.0.

Learn more


Questions financial professionals should ask their clients while income planning for retirement

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Sales tools and ideas


Keeping top talent is important for a small business – FIUL can help

Key employees can be a driver of success for a small business – that’s why retaining key employees can be so important. Compensation plans that include fixed index universal life insurance (FIUL) can provide benefits to employers as well as employees. Show business-owner clients how you can help in their retention efforts.

See how FIUL fits in compensation plans

For personalized help, contact the Advanced Strategies and Planning Platforms Team at 800.800.3220 or


Taxes can have a big impact on retirement assets – are your clients prepared?

The only certain thing about taxes is their uncertainty. Now is the time to help your clients create more flexibility that can help preserve more of their assets from future taxation.

See how life insurance can provide a level of protection and help provide tax diversification to potentially supplement your clients' retirement strategy.

See how we can help your clients diversify


Make the most of Annuity Awareness Month

Use these tools to start conversations – and keep them going

88% of respondents in our recent study said it’s critical to have another source of guaranteed retirement income beyond Social Security – and 78% worried about an increase in the cost of living affecting their retirement.

Fortunately you can offer your clients a solution to these common concerns with an FIA from Allianz. And throughout June – Annuity Awareness Month – we’re making it even easier to share the story with clients and prospects.

Download our consumer brochure, Understanding FIAs (M-5217). Then explore our Retirement Awareness Toolkit for client-approved emails, social media posts, and more.

Explore our Retirement Awareness Toolkit


Considering a MYGA? This alternative may surprise you

See how this FIA can compete in the short term, while offering more flexibility and accumulation potential over the long term

With rising interest rates and market uncertainty, demand for short-term surrender-period annuities such as multi-year guaranteed annuities (MYGAs) has been on the rise. But while these products may initially offer an attractive fixed interest rate, they do pose some risk.

Get our new case study to see how Allianz Accumulation Advantage® Annuity can compete in the short term – while offering your clients more flexibility, more control, and more accumulation potential over the long term.

See the case study


Your support team


Phone: 800-950-7372

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1 Automatic target renewal option is for upper targets on 1-year crediting strategies.

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This notice does not apply in the state of New York.

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Fixed index universal life insurance can provide a potential solution to advanced markets strategies. You should encourage your clients to consult their tax advisor and/or attorney to discuss their specific situation.

Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America does not provide financial planning services.

FIUL requires qualification through health and financial underwriting and provides a death benefit that is generally paid to beneficiaries income-tax-free.

This notice does not apply in the state of New York.

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Life insurance provides a death benefit protection that is generally paid income-tax-free to beneficiaries and the opportunity to build accumulation potential that can be used for various financial needs. Diversification does not ensure a profit or protection against a loss.

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Allianz Life conducted an online survey, the 2023 1Q Quarterly Market Perceptions Study, in March 2023 with a nationally representative sample of 1,005 respondents age 18+.

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Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing company. Variable annuity guarantees do not apply to the performance of the variable subaccounts, which will fluctuate with market conditions.

Retirement consultants market and distribute products manufactured by Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America and Allianz Life Insurance Company of New York. Retirement consultants provide education and information related to products they market and do not provide financial or investment advice.

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